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Virgin Active Webinar When The Going Get Tough

View, listen to or download this weeks webinar with Dr. Steve Harris and Deon Scheppel, product training manager at Virgin Active in which Steve discusses When The Going Gets Tough presenting using Mental Toughness to accelerate away from surviving in a Red Ocean to thriving in a Blue Ocean View webinar notes here taken from [...]

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COVID-19 feels omnipresent. It has magnified our fears and affected our present and future.

How will we survive these circumstances?Is there a chance we can adapt AND thrive, while including searching for significance?How do we create new value that prepares us for vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA)?One of my life's work is presenting conferences on how to survive AND thrive, using mental toughness as an underpinning construct in all [...]

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Global Citizen Workshop

Do you want to review and consolidate your strategic plans? At the same time encourage greater teamwork and staff motivation? I received an inquiry from Global Citizen NPC. They wanted a team building session with a motivational talk using their strategic planning needs as the context. I was so impressed with the organization and [...]

A motivational presentation for police members

Do you want to boost staff morale? Or is the right word motivation or maybe enthusiasm. It matters not as all these collapse into one. I received an inquiry from a captain in a Police station who wanted a motivational talk on Valentine’s day to boost the morale of the station’s members. Police members, [...]

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Communication Soccer Team Building With Dr. Steve Harris

Let me start by saying that team building is a serious subject because good teamwork gives you synergy which results in a competitive advantage. However, learning to improve teamwork does not have to be serious, it can be fun. I believe that a team-building session needs to combine mind work i.e. [...]

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Schedule Your Booking For 2020

Choose from motivational presentations, workshops, facilitation or team building. Titles include: ➡️Game of Inches ➡️A mind for change ➡️A mind for strategy ➡️Business as usual ➡️A mind for teamwork ➡️A mind for sales ➡️A mind for leadership / management ➡️A mind for customer service ➡️A mind for wellness #drsteveharris #minddoctor #motivational #speaker [...]

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Feedback to COO after facilitation of one-day teambuilding conference 

The feedback given below is based on my observations at the teamwork conference. My caveat is that in one day I gathered insufficient evidence to definitively assess individuals and base this report on the signs I picked up in this limited time. 1.     Feedback on the overall conference My most significant observations: All team [...]

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Strategic planning facilitation

I have been exposed to such an amazing variety of organizations to help with facilitation of their strategic planning. These range from trade unions, large, medium and small corporates, government departments and private schools. In all instances they want similar outcomes. E.g. Discover new organizational value using strategic planning Create new shared value for [...]

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