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A New Perspective On Motivational Coaching

Mental toughness unlocks the potential for breaking through your mental ceiling. You become highly resilient to experiences that might be disabling to someone else. This was the main conclusion from motivational speaker Dr Steve Harris’ PhD thesis. He used the Springbok rugby community as a target group to research mental toughness (Harris S. Mental Toughness: [...]

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A High-Performance Team Building Programme

It was an absolute pleasure to facilitate a high-performance team-building workshop with motivation for the staff of the Constitution Hill Human rights precinct. It is a living museum that tells the story of South Africa's journey to democracy. The site is a former prison and military fort that bears testament to South Africa's turbulent past [...]

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What Does it Take for a Business to Become Successful and Significant?

A few months back, Dr Steve Harris, teambuilding motivational speaker and The Mind Doctor, discussed the Blue Oceans Strategy from Chan Kim’s 2005 book. Kim’s blue oceans’ metaphor defines a blue ocean as a less contested space. Here, the opposition is not as relevant, and you thrive (Kim, 2005). Dr Steve believes that you [...]

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Is Your Hyper-Anxiety Leading to Anxiety or Depression?

In his Mental Toughness series, Dr Steve Harris, motivational speaker in South Africa, recently discussed that the drivers for hyper-anxiety are usually the negative legacy emotions of shame and guilt. These self-defeating emotions are triggered opportunistically after you experience the consequences of trauma. Tragically, hyper-anxiety is also associated with constant rumination about negative events [...]

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Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset in the Search for Mental Toughness

The trick or secret to increasing mental toughness is that there is neither trick nor secret. Dr Steve Harris, the Mind Doctor and motivational speaker, has a healthy scepticism for anything claiming a secret. Quick fixes and oversimplified solutions to achieving success or significance insult our intelligence. Instead, he favours a planned approach by [...]

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Does Talent Equate to a Competitive Advantage?

Dr Steve Harris, The Mind Doctor and motivational speaker in South Africa, recalls being told that no matter how hard you practice and strive for excellence; you can never achieve the same levels of mental or physical prowess as talented leaders, elite athletes, and high achievers. His research shows that this claim is false. [...]

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Discover The Motivation Series With Dr Steve Harris

Motivational Speaker Dr Steve Harris offers either in person or online, a 5 x modular motivational series to help you and your team manage challenges and get the most from present and future conditions. Each motivation series consists of 10 x forty five minutes modules blending skills associated with motivation to help you discover marginal [...]

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Mental Toughness – Finding Your Differentiator To Survive And Thrive

Dr Steve Harris’ (The Mind Doctor) research and personal experiences have led him to believe that the evolution from surviving to thriving is achieved through incremental, smart, and primarily proactive adaptations that provide humans with marginal yet significant gains. He asks you now to consider whether you are adapting so that you can progress [...]

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Learning Mental Toughness with Dr Steve Harris On The Expresso Show SABC 3

Watch Dr Steve Harris live this morning on the Expresso TV show today on SABC 3 between 7:05- 7:30am to learn about Mental Toughness with Dr Steve Harris. “An easy reading practical guide to mastering your mind and enhancing performance in life, business or sport. Many books cover these areas but few make practical [...]

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