When you are searching for the best motivational speakers in South Africa, what do you look for?

What do you want them to achieve? In my experience the top ten objectives my clients look for in the best motivational speakers are:

  1. Value added presentation or workshop for their event in line with the organization’s  current concerns or vision
  2. A credible, known speaker who is eminently qualified to appear before the client’s staff and is an example of their claims
  3. A professional speaker, one who does not require the kind of logistics that put the organization under stress
  4. Someone who has achieved wisdom, success and significance in variety of fields that are transferable to the audience
  5. An ability to tailor the presentation to clients’ needs without compromising their message
  6. An entertaining experience with lots of take away value for participants leaving audience members feeling motivated and challenged
  7. Can help create buy in from their staff for a particular change or strategic emphasis like an increase in sales or a  quantum leap in customer service
  8. Promote a change in attitude from the audience, this usually means more confidence, authority, intensity and energy
  9. Stimulates an increase in productivity through them being motivated towards enhanced performance
  10. Can follow up with additional workshops and books they have authored where needed

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