Teambuilding using cultural diversity

This week I facilitated a team building intervention with team activities for 200 staff members of a government organization. The mail below provides initial feedback given to the client. Thank you, from Dan and me, for the opportunity of assisting you with your team building. Please pass on my good wishes and thanks to your [...]

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“Boundaries” for Sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination

This week I responded to an inquiry from the British Foreign and Commonwealth office requesting a proposal to address increasing concerns of sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination. Foreign & Commonwealth Office My delivery, at present, is limited to group presentations and facilitation on strategic planning, motivational speaking, teamwork, mental toughness, gritting, and conflict resolution. I [...]

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What do you know about the competence game?

Get in the game To start, you need to become useful in areas for which you have passion. To do this, you develop a solid platform to step onto, provided by a formal qualification embedded in conventional wisdom. Instead of a qualification, you could develop a skill or an experiential self-taught advantage. Some successful [...]

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Strategy and motivational preparation for 2019

This week I spent a day work-shopping strategic planning, giving motivational talks and team building with ENM holding as part of their quest to take their organization from Surviving to Thriving through creating success and significance. The main points we covered were: How will your organization become significant? How can you improve your anticipation and adaptability [...]

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Facilitating A Strategic Planning Session For Anglo American

Seven crucial points on the role of strategy Anglo American hired me as facilitator for their strategic planning conference. In addition, they wanted me, as a motivational speaker, to give two key note speeches. These were titled; the role of strategy to move from surviving to thriving and the seven steps to mental toughness. [...]

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Seven steps to wellness

Kumba Iron Ore hired me to speak as a motivational speaker at their global safety conference. My brief was to magnify their health and safety theme. I decided to focus on wellness and factors of individual well-being. The seven steps I suggested and expanded on were:: Passion: Rediscover the passion that drives your (and the environment's) well-being Nutrition: Eat a sufficiency from healthy food choices for enjoyment and energy Exercise: [...]

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Seven steps to providing facilitation

Johannesburg city hired me as a facilitator, who is also a motivational speaker, for their three-day mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba’s, strategic session (Lekgotla).  The group consists of 120 delegates, comprising a mix of politicians and employees. The main outcome was to ensure improved service delivery to Johannesburg residents. The secondary outcome was creating new value [...]

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Seven steps to developing the mental toughness 

Seven steps to developing the mental toughness that builds a great team What a humbling experience to give a motivational talk to a professional outfit like the Pam Golding organization. We discussed how to release the potential for breaking through our mental ceiling. We  addressed: Concentration: passion, conditional optimism and preparation Composure: being in the zone, not being mind captured nor mind fogged Controlled aggression: [...]

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Seven steps to great team building and a binding culture

It was such a pleasure to be the facilitator for a team building and culture workshop with old friend and more importantly coach Chester Williams and his UWC Rugby Team We have had three successful years together as his team's motivational speaker and mental toughness consultant. We  addressed: Great teamwork - what is it? Drawing on passion, courage and grit The details behind being [...]

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How to choose the best Motivational Speakers in Cape Town

5 Reasons. How to choose the best Motivational Speakers in Cape Town. These motivational speakers deliver a strong, relevant message that speaks to your organizational needs. They have integrity i.e. they are an example of the message. They deliver their message with style and entertainment without losing credibility. They have the motivational ability to [...]

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