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Steve’s Motivational Speaking offering is unique as he offers a selection of motivational topics to meet your requirements.



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Help your group understand their common objectives, assist in achieving their goals & developing strong skills.



Motivational speakers know that the mind is where your greatest potential lies – it is your most significant asset. Your other resources are the means the mind uses to achieve results. Mental toughness is best defined as the ability to manage your mind so that it directs your energy to the right place, at the right time for the right reason. This enables you to operate at your highest potential, consistently, despite your circumstances: giving your best possible performance regardless of what is going on within and around you.

The development of a mental toughness competitive advantage goes beyond the belief that a killer instinct and aggression are the most important mental components necessary for success. Steve’s PhD research and his work with professional athletes, business people and his own experiences as an international sportsman shows that these approaches are only effective if they are applied selectively within a holistic and developmental context.

The content of Steve’s motivational presentations is aimed at enabling people at all levels with a new and sustainable competitive advantage by exposing them to an approach which shows that Mental Toughness needs to be held in the mind as the sum of seven parts.


  • I certainly recommend Dr Steve Harris In this workshop that was designed to equip members of the team with understandings of mental toughness, Dr Steve Harris provided us with thoughtful tips... read more

    Prof Chang Hui 11/26/2021
  • The weeks working with Steve were some of the most beneficial of my adult life. Hi Steve

    Thank you to you! Herewith is my honest feedback which you are welcome to use…

    I asked Dr. Steve Harris to spend a few weeks...
    read more

    Mark Leathers
    Mc Naught & Co
  • It was a great experience. Getting everyone from management to sales motivated in a event like this. With his humour Dr.Harris kept everyone energetic and... read more

    Schalk 9/20/2021
  • You were phenomenal! Thank you deeply, Steve. It was an outstanding Zoom session on Mental Toughness. You were phenomenal!

    Cathy Naidoo 3/26/2021
  • Principles can be applied to benefit the business and on a personal level Hi Dr Steve,

    Thank you for an insightful evening and the session. Your facilitation of the session was impactful. The comparisons between the Red Ocean...
    read more

    Neo Morwadi 3/18/2021
  • Dr Steve

    The gift is a small token to say thank you for the eye-opening knowledge you shared with our team. The sessions are not only...
    read more

    Steven Mashishi
    Kiaat Private Hospital
  • Dumela Dr Steve
    Thanks again for your facilitation, sharing your experience and your book.
    The Workshop was exceptionally informative and inspiring. You have given us food...
    read more

    Ditebogo Kgomoo
    NNR Executive.
  • So motivational….. We’re all feeling inspired and re-energised.
    I’ve received lots of positive feedback. The team definitely enjoyed the session.

    Thank you Doctor Steve.

    Nicole Bergstedt 10/23/2020
  • Re your Webinar. That was awesome Thanks Steve

    That was awesome – too short but awesome…. Looking forward to future now!!

    I’d like to chat to our MD to see if...
    read more

    Steven 5/22/2020
  • I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Different from previous strategic sessions and refreshing. I especially enjoyed the mental toughness section and the team building activities. Thank you... read more

    Refentse Mohloare
    Global Citizen NPC

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