Steve offers you Motivational Speaking, Facilitation & Team Building to help your organisation or team realise their full potential. Each service takes an integrated approach to bringing the best out of the individuals that make up a great team.


choose a motivational topic for your event

Steve’s Motivational Speaking offering is unique as he offers a selection of motivational topics to meet your requirements.



a unique, inspirational team building experience

Steve’s team building offers motivational presentations, workshops & a wide array of appropriate group activities.



a facilitator to get your objectives working for you

Help your group understand their common objectives, assist in achieving their goals & developing strong skills.


Motivational speakers know that the mind is where your greatest potential lies – it is your most significant asset. Your other resources are the means the mind uses to achieve results. Mental toughness is best defined as the ability to manage your mind so that it directs your energy to the right place, at the right time for the right reason. This enables you to operate at your highest potential, consistently, despite your circumstances: giving your best possible performance regardless of what is going on within and around you.

The development of a mental toughness competitive advantage goes beyond the belief that a killer instinct and aggression are the most important mental components necessary for success. Steve’s PhD research and his work with professional athletes, business people and his own experiences as an international sportsman shows that these approaches are only effective if they are applied selectively within a holistic and developmental context.

The content of Steve’s motivational presentations is aimed at enabling people at all levels with a new and sustainable competitive advantage by exposing them to an approach which shows that Mental Toughness needs to be held in the mind as the sum of seven parts.


  • Re your Webinar. That was awesome Thanks Steve

    That was awesome – too short but awesome…. Looking forward to future now!!

    I’d like to chat to our MD to see if...
    read more

    Steven 5/22/2020
  • I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Different from previous strategic sessions and refreshing. I especially enjoyed the mental toughness section and the team building activities. Thank you... read more

    Refentse Mohloare
    Global Citizen NPC
  • I really enjoyed the session. It made me feel re-energised and ready for the challenges that lay ahead in 2020. I also learnt things that... read more

    Nosi Mnyani
    Global Citizen NPC
  • The session overall was really insightful. I enjoyed that we managed to get perspective from an “outsider”. I think this is something we need to... read more

    Didi Morake
    Global Citizen NPC
  • It was practical, empowering and inspiring. He clearly knows his stuff, he is passionate and he seems to live by his principles daily, so I... read more

    Lerato Mogoatlhe
    Global Citizen NPC
  • Steve was very engaging, seemed very passionate and enthused about the topic at hand, which in turn made it very easy for me to listen... read more

    Nadia-Ruth Froesch
    Global Citizen NPC
  • Really enjoyed the team building exercises - they were fun, but at the same time gave us insight into how we work together. Similarly, the... read more

    Carina Claassens
    Global Citizen NPC
  • It’s always great to have an external person come in and help us think differently around how we have been operating. I can’t wait to... read more

    Thato Noinyane
    Global Citizen NPC
  • Dr Steve, Thank you for the great presentation. On parade, today, our members gave feedback that it gave them another and positive mindset.

    Police Member 2/28/2020
  • What a privilege to have you host our team session. The insights and life lessons you explored with our team brought a different dynamic and... read more

    Steven Schaefer
    Regional Director, Build It, West Region

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