Do you want to boost staff morale? Or is the right word motivation or maybe enthusiasm.

It matters not as all these collapse into one.

I received an inquiry from a captain in a Police station who wanted a motivational talk on Valentine’s day to boost the morale of the station’s members.

Police members, I thought, surely, they are the same as staff members or team members? They want an environment where people are conditionally optimistic and enjoy working together, don’t they?

My presentation took an hour and a half, and I was pleased to note police members are like any other staff or team members i.e. they are open to new learning and respond positively to content that makes sense and can be implemented in their environment.

The content covered the ten headings of a motivational talk.

  1. How is 2020 different from the past?
  2. We want to become more successful and significant – Significance means becoming better people
  3. Do you have the energy to achieve both?
  4. What differentiates you and puts you on this path?
  5. Do you love your job and have passion for the work?
  6. Do you have conditional optimism? Based on planning, preparation and a factual world view?
  7. Are you disciplined or easily baited, and can you transcend VUCA? (Volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity)
  8. Do you have enough self-belief, or do you have an arrogance challenge?
  9. Are you willing to make mistakes through curiosity and courage or are you scared off?
  10. Do you have the competence grounded in intellectual agility and the commitment that overcomes disorders and obstacles?

Importantly I add when is it time to grit and when to quit?

At this late stage I want to add that I have been delighted by the service provided by police members when I have had occasion to need them. This probably biased my attitude toward them!


Dr Steve, Thank you for the great presentation. On parade, today, our members gave feedback that it gave them another and positive mindset.

Police Member

Dear Dr. Steve
I was captivated by your workshop at our Police station. It was an honour to listen to you. I have heard you and am thankful for the opportunity to listen to you in person... Not on YouTube or Dvd.
I am curious about your book Impimpi-Black Anger and white fear. How and where can I get hold of this book?
Thank you

Leeroy Moses