leadership courses south africa “Just want to say thank you, I must say that all my sales staff were most impressed with what
you had to say and I am sure that there were many positives which they can use in both the
working environment as well as in their personal capacities."
Fred Green Arctic Health
Motivational Speakers South Africa Dr Steve Harris “Many thanks for spending time with us in Bonnievale. All participants reacted very positively to
your talk. I will be prompting further thought processes in the “inches” and “mental toughness”
directions of your presentation. These good ideas tend to be forgotten very quickly if left alone so
we will attempt to jog memories with the main points”
Mark Philp Selford Donford Group
Motivational Speakers South Africa Dr Steve Harris It was so nice to get all the positive feedback from the people that attended our breakfast
and your presentation. Thanks once again for coming to Potchefstroom and doing the
impossible by influencing everybody so positively!
Dewald Van Breda Chairman - Chamber of Commerce


Prof Chang Hui Avatar

I certainly recommend Dr Steve Harris In this workshop that was designed to equip members of the team with understandings of mental toughness, Dr Steve Harris provided us with thoughtful tips... read more

Prof Chang Hui 11/26/2021
Mark Leathers Avatar

The weeks working with Steve were some of the most beneficial of my adult life. Hi Steve

Thank you to you! Herewith is my honest feedback which you are welcome to use…

I asked Dr. Steve Harris to spend a few weeks...
read more

Mark Leathers
Mc Naught & Co

It was a great experience. Getting everyone from management to sales motivated in a event like this. With his humour Dr.Harris kept everyone energetic and... read more

Schalk 9/20/2021
Cathy Naidoo Avatar

You were phenomenal! Thank you deeply, Steve. It was an outstanding Zoom session on Mental Toughness. You were phenomenal!

Cathy Naidoo 3/26/2021
Neo Morwadi Avatar

Principles can be applied to benefit the business and on a personal level Hi Dr Steve,

Thank you for an insightful evening and the session. Your facilitation of the session was impactful. The comparisons between the Red Ocean...
read more

Neo Morwadi 3/18/2021
Steven Mashishi Avatar

Dr Steve

The gift is a small token to say thank you for the eye-opening knowledge you shared with our team. The sessions are not only...
read more

Steven Mashishi
Kiaat Private Hospital
Ditebogo Kgomoo Avatar

Dumela Dr Steve
Thanks again for your facilitation, sharing your experience and your book.
The Workshop was exceptionally informative and inspiring. You have given us food...
read more

Ditebogo Kgomoo
NNR Executive.
Nicole Bergstedt Avatar

So motivational….. We’re all feeling inspired and re-energised.
I’ve received lots of positive feedback. The team definitely enjoyed the session.

Thank you Doctor Steve.

Nicole Bergstedt 10/23/2020
Steven Avatar

Re your Webinar. That was awesome Thanks Steve

That was awesome – too short but awesome…. Looking forward to future now!!

I’d like to chat to our MD to see if...
read more

Steven 5/22/2020
Refentse Mohloare Avatar

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Different from previous strategic sessions and refreshing. I especially enjoyed the mental toughness section and the team building activities. Thank you... read more

Refentse Mohloare
Global Citizen NPC
Nosi Mnyani Avatar

I really enjoyed the session. It made me feel re-energised and ready for the challenges that lay ahead in 2020. I also learnt things that... read more

Nosi Mnyani
Global Citizen NPC
Didi Morake Avatar

The session overall was really insightful. I enjoyed that we managed to get perspective from an “outsider”. I think this is something we need to... read more

Didi Morake
Global Citizen NPC
Lerato Mogoatlhe Avatar

It was practical, empowering and inspiring. He clearly knows his stuff, he is passionate and he seems to live by his principles daily, so I... read more

Lerato Mogoatlhe
Global Citizen NPC
Nadia-Ruth Froesch Avatar

Steve was very engaging, seemed very passionate and enthused about the topic at hand, which in turn made it very easy for me to listen... read more

Nadia-Ruth Froesch
Global Citizen NPC
Carina Claassens Avatar

Really enjoyed the team building exercises - they were fun, but at the same time gave us insight into how we work together. Similarly, the... read more

Carina Claassens
Global Citizen NPC
Thato Noinyane Avatar

It’s always great to have an external person come in and help us think differently around how we have been operating. I can’t wait to... read more

Thato Noinyane
Global Citizen NPC
Police Member Avatar

Dr Steve, Thank you for the great presentation. On parade, today, our members gave feedback that it gave them another and positive mindset.

Police Member 2/28/2020
Steven Schaefer Avatar

What a privilege to have you host our team session. The insights and life lessons you explored with our team brought a different dynamic and... read more

Steven Schaefer
Regional Director, Build It, West Region
Leeroy Moses Avatar

Dear Dr. Steve
I was captivated by your workshop at our Police station. It was an honour to listen to you. I have heard you and...
read more

Leeroy Moses 2/19/2020
Elise Swiegers Avatar

Hi Steve

Thank you for your motivational talk. The response from the crowd was overwhelmingly positive. Don’t think I’ve ever seen them listening to...
read more

Elise Swiegers 2/04/2020
Mikko Tiitinen Avatar

Obviously you nailed it. Hi Dr. Steve
It was great to meet you and a real pleasure to have you giving the talk to the team. I also noticed the...
read more

Mikko Tiitinen 1/27/2020
Steven Schaefer Avatar

What a privilege to have you host our team session The insights and life lessons you explored with our team brought a different dynamic and outlook on life; we left inspired, in a positive frame... read more

Steven Schaefer 1/07/2020
Johan Bosman Avatar

We can’t thank you enough for making this happen I would like to thank you for your contribution at our company retreat this year. We wanted to offer something different to our franchisees this... read more

Johan Bosman 11/22/2019
Anhen Myburgh Avatar

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for the great session and inspiration! Everyone loved the talk and found something that they could relate to and ‘own’...
read more

Anhen Myburgh 11/18/2019
Xolani Avatar

Delivery of the two days were great and you facilitated well Good day Steve, I felt that you were fully prepared and aligned very well with our business and team goals. I have found that in... read more

Xolani 7/26/2019
Anushie Moonasar Avatar

I left the workshop feeling very inspired. Dr Steve Harris strategic planning workshop was very insightful and motivating. His approach was refreshing and eye opening. I left the workshop feeling very inspired.... read more

Anushie Moonasar 4/25/2019
Jabulani Thomas Avatar

I would recommend this strategic planning facilitator to anyone I enjoyed the very informative strategic planning workshop and learnt a lot from it. Dr Steve Harris knew what he was talking about and made... read more

Jabulani Thomas 4/23/2019
Gift Mathe Avatar

His knowledge on this subject is second to none, I was fortunate to attend Dr. Steve Harris’s mental toughness talk in our recent workshop for elite cricket coaches. His knowledge on this subject is... read more

Gift Mathe 4/16/2019
Sheila Avatar

The motivational day worked for all attendees. STEVE, THANK YOU, all the executives said the strategic planning facilitation and motivation day worked for them. Thanks Sheila HR Manager

Sheila 4/11/2019
Pearl Bengu Avatar

The team-building and teamwork activities were great Good Morning Doc Thank your for your very insightful motivational talk, it was really mind opening. The team-building and teamwork activities were great. I do... read more

Pearl Bengu 1/25/2019
Mhle Avatar

Fantastic service Hi Doc. Thank you very much for your fantastic service. Looking forward to doing more work with you in the near future. Mhle

Mhle 1/22/2019
Marq Roberts Avatar

I found the content thought provoking