What is it like going to a motivational course by Dr Steve Harris. Below we’ve got a just a brief summary of what some people have learned…

A: Specifications Manager

 There are many more keys learnings I took from yesterday but these are the ones that stood out.

  • “The strongest will survive and the most adaptive will THRIVE” This was key for me as we work in an environment where change and innovation is inevitable, and I have to adapt faster than the change to stay ahead of the pack. I can achieve this by constantly upskilling myself, being prepared for different situations and to be pro-active and not wait until it’s too late. Learn! Unlearn! Relearn!
  • I have to take care of myself (My body and mind is the most important asset). I will constantly seek greater knowledge and surround myself with people that knows more than me, this is how I will learn. I will discipline myself in my eating habits as well as train to be strong and fit. By doing this, I can be mentally strong but physical as well. I will constantly strive to be significant! Knowledge is irreplaceable and knowledge will give me the confidence to approach customers with composure.
  • Improve everything I do by 1%. This environment we work in is all about having that advantage, and to increase my actions, thoughts, discipline, work rate, respect, willingness to learn and attitude by only 1%, it will set me way ahead of the pack. BE MORE RISK EMBRACING! 
  • Focus on teamwork! As the saying goes, “There is no I in team”, yes this is a cliché but it’s so true. Focus on working more closely as a team (collaboration) and feed of each other’s strengths. Also focus on our weaknesses and work on them to become even stronger as individuals but more importantly as a team. Communication is key in our environment and if we can master this we will be a force to be reckoned with. 
  • Follow ups are critical. It takes at least 5 follow ups to move a project from potential to a definite. Use the first few rejections as a direction finder to come back better prepared and irresistible. 


B: Regional Specifications Manager 

  1. Thriving versus surviving

If we adapt we will thrive. Thrive= success and significance, decency, integrity and helping those less fortunate

Thriving is wellness and synergy (energy gains NOT losses)

Am I looking after my body? Exercise? Healthy body, healthy mind? Am I eating correctly? Do I have a positive attitude, am I am slave to pills?

Avoid Entropy= energy leaks= failing health. Don’t waste energy on things that don’t matter. Be flexible and flow like water around obstacles. 

  1. Improve everything I do by 1%. Gaining inches
  1. What is my Elevator Pitch, 10 seconds of planting a seed?
  1. What is leadership?

Reimagine and Reinvent= Solving problems in ways others don’t think about, Innovate

Have a dashboard on daily basis

Be creative, fertile, disciplined, have moral authority, be passionate and have compassion with people and with the environment

Teamwork =a string of team members that weaves a rope together           

Conflict situations: Collaboration, be courageous 100% 100% for BOTH parties, no compromise. Collaboration is a way of requiring courage and consideration by creating a safe passage to preserve a relationship

  1. We don’t know what we don’t know. Always be learning and reading. Don’t let opinion triumph over facts. Get out of your comfort zone. Do things differently. Learn then unlearn and then relearn.

Have Fire in your belly and Ice in your mind- keep your composure, life will red card you if you bait it. Controlled aggression versus naked aggression= mental toughness

 GOYA= Get Off Your Ass

C: Regional Commercial Manager 

  1. 1% More with everything you do
  2. Inches make the difference between success and failure
  3. Confidence/ Controlled aggression
  4. Learn/ Un Learn/ Re Learn
  5. Sharpen the saw 

D: Quantity Surveyor Manager 

  1. Change starts with me. It’s not going to happen if I’m not willing to make the necessary changes myself and to take the initiative
  1. It’s just as important to improve incrementally over all areas. (The 1% rule). Thought provoking.
  1. The benefits of being mentally tough, but more importantly what it actually entails. Very important for the upcoming year and for Gyproc employees at the moment to be successful in our market.
  1. I appreciated the topic of thriving instead of surviving. Not settling to do only what’s required of you, but what’s needed of you. If a collective effort can stem from this, a renewed energy and culture can be attained.
  1. How useful and important customer alignment is. It’s about tapping into and associating ourselves as a brand with what our customers’ needs/wants/priorities/principles. We therefore have to listen to our customers and really understand what makes them tick in other words, and then to align accordingly.

E: Specifications Manager

 Most adaptive will strive.

– Nobody can out work you.

– Nobody can out plan you.

– Self- belief is your choice.

– 80% is turning up, 1% better in all you do will allow you to thrive.

– Always keep the balance, control anger, Channel intensity.

– Fire in your belly and Ice in the brain.


F: Specifications Manager 

  1. Adapt to strive;
  2. Become significant by helping those less fortunate than me;
  3. Striving to have a healthy body that will make me mentally tough;
  4. Turn up! And become admirable;
  5. Strive to be the one who is more prepared;

H: Retail Representative 

Key Point for me, “Great Idea / Path / Plan hits obstacle and implodes. Need to be like water and flow around / under / over obstacle.”

  1. In the plan that I choose, my capability that will enable movement around the inevitable obstacles must be critically evaluated in the selection process. Do not underestimate the need to have adequate knowledge.
  2. Listen (effectively) to others, so as to understand their obstacles. Engage them so that they identify those obstacles. Help them to find the means to flow around those obstacles.
  3. Quieten my judgmental / assuming inner voice of others. Strive to understand more.
  4. Self-reflect on, what is my passion?
  5. Reflect – define what to unlearn – find tools to relearn


J: Retail Representative

Excellent Session

  1. Wellness – This is critical – I need to ensure I keep myself healthy in order to deliver that 1% extra
  2. Collaboration- We lack this in the organization and I need to ensure that I drive the sharing and learning of information and don’t wait for others
  3. Pro-activeness – We need to ensure we prevent failures and problems by applying WCM techniques and drive the culture from all areas – this is critical for our adaption into being competitive
  4. Fit for Purpose – There are a lot of people who are not fit for purpose and this puts extra strain and pressure. It needs to form an integral part of Leadership within the Plant
  5. Performance Management- We should not be scared of having the engaging conversations as well as follow up and take the tough decisions when necessary and act quickly when it comes to performance- Something which I will be driving


K: Retail Representative

  • Get new knowledge – keep learning.
  • Prioritize wellness – take care of your wellbeing.
  • Take calculated risk – change your current way of doing things.
  • Be passionate about what you are doing.
  • Be composed in everything you do.


L: Retail Representative

The motivational speaker was excellent, I liked examples he showed of sports and general politics.

Key learning from the motivational speaker:

  • I am one of those that goes for the extra inch in anything I do.
  • Mental toughness, never be taken off from the bigger picture or goal.
  • I have improved in composure but still need to work on it (baited), not to lose the bigger goal.
  • I am committed in everything I complete, attention to detail of which at times slows my progress. Take more calculated risks.
  • I have started gym since being this side, with the hours and stress levels, my wellness has helped in not being fatigue. Need to keep my wellness routine in order to be more effective.

Many thanks Dr Steve on highlighting, reigniting our passion, and encouraging/ infusing thought- provoking mental toughness tools into our teams. I am confident it will bear fruit in 2018 and onwards.