I am a believer in a workplace where staff feel they are valued and their inputs are taken seriously.

This means they need to be involved at all levels of the business process from the very beginning. In a workplace the beginning is strategy.

The strategy aims to make the organization both successful and significant. Success generally means winning, profit and fame. Significance is described as additionally making a difference, being decent and serving purposes that go beyond profit and growth.

Strategy starts with the fertile and disciplined imagination of the leaders. With the help of their staff this imagination gets interpreted into the key elements of strategy namely a mission, vision and values. I believe that strategy is subject to epigenisis. Epigenesis is a change in genetic expression as a result of environmental influences.

Our organizational DNA is not sacred and should be subject to continuous scrutiny and update. Involve staff in reimagining and reinventing the strategy. Then involve them in how to implement the strategy.

The implementation will involve much adaption as implementation bumps into disrupters like crises, terrorism, technology changes, new research, social change and new competitors. As a Motivational Speaker in South Africa, I’ll guide you through this topic