This week I spent a day work-shopping strategic planning, giving motivational talks and team building with ENM holding as part of their quest to take their organization from Surviving to Thriving through creating success and significance.

Strategy and motivational preparation for 2019 1

The main points we covered were:

  1. How will your organization become significant?
  2. How can you improve your anticipation and adaptability to change?
  3. How can you improve your ability to embrace technology?
  4. How can you improve your customer service and customer intimacy?
  5. How can you improve your teamwork and minimize mistakes?
  6. What are the components of an ideal culture in your organization? 
  7. How can you re-imagine and reinvent success?
  8. What are your industry’s priority competitive differentiators?
  9. Who are the industry top suppliers / how are you doing relative to them?
  10. What can you do about it?  (Eliminate, Reduce, Raise, Create)
  11. What customer value proposition leads to less contested space?
  12. How will this improve your long term profit proposition?
  13. What is your five year vision?
  14. What are your one year objectives?
  15. What is your motivating people proposition to drive implementation??

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