This week I facilitated a team building intervention with team activities for 200 staff members of a government organization.

The mail below provides initial feedback given to the client.

Thank you, from Dan and me, for the opportunity of assisting you with your team building. Please pass on my good wishes and thanks to your management team and judging panel.

The idea of using a “cook-off” (potjie competition) to improve teamwork worked extremely well.

The use of six culturally different, South African themes also contributed to generating healthy internal competition, pride. creativity, innovation, communication, and fun.

Most importantly, it drove an appreciation of cultural diversity and how these differences can be magnified within a common rainbow nation.

After the event, I reflected on the concern that drove your need for an intervention. i.e. staff members not optimizing the benefits associated with teamwork as a component of their workplace experience.

Yet, clearly, this team building initiative illustrated that they are capable of teamwork and enjoying all the associated benefits.

The question that remains is; why in this outdoor setting were these capacities expressed and what is restricting staff from including them in their workplace culture? Would you like to explore interventions that aim to bring about this transference and benefit to the workplace?

Kind regards


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