“I want a qualification that gives me a competitive edge and access to a good income.”  That was the answer given by my Cape Town Uber driver, when I asked him his reason for wanting higher education.

He started the conversation by telling me he was an Uber driver in order to make money to go to a higher education institution.

I reflected on his answer to my question and whilst I agreed, I considered the following, additional reasons he could have given:

  1. I want to meet like-minded others.
  2. I want a great student experience.
  3. I want to network and get practical experience in an industry I enjoy.
  4. I want a college that believes in giving students great service.
  5. I want to be in an environment that cares about me learning and qualifying.
  6. I want to be totally immersed in my learning, in a field that I love.
  7. I want a qualification that is accepted globally.

I wondered If he had thought about student protests and whether he considered this a hazard to his plans.  Fortunately, protests seem limited to public institutions reliant on government funding whereas private colleges need their students’ fees for sustainability.  I like to think that we keep doing everything possible at eta College to provide our students with a competitive edge and access to a better income.  The eta qualification puts our graduates at the front of the employment queue, it also gives them a chance to start their own practice.  That’s not all though…. Read the seven reasons that I mentioned above.