10 questions that a team building workshop, including relevant team activities, facilitated by a motivational speaker will answer to help your team develop a mind for teamwork

  1. How high has the bar been set for teamwork?
  2. Do all members know and agree the benefits of teamwork?
  3. Do they know the strategy with the main and secondary team outcomes?
  4. Are they clear about their role in the team?
  5. Are they mentally tough enough to deliver against their role consistently?
  6. Do members deliver irresistible, heartfelt internal and external service?
  7. Is there an inclusive culture that bonds team members and drives up loyalty?
  8. Is each member adapting to disruptions and game changing technology?
  9. Can each manage friction and resentment of conflict through collaboration?
  10. Can they deliver the responsibility for work and accountability for results?

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