This week I responded to an inquiry from the British Foreign and Commonwealth office requesting a proposal to address increasing concerns of sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

My delivery, at present, is limited to group presentations and facilitation on strategic planning, motivational speaking, teamwork, mental toughness, gritting, and conflict resolution. I have not provided one-on-one counseling for some time as I recommend referring personal work to specialists.

My initial suggestion is as follows:

We arrange a staff session on a topic entitled “Boundaries”.  Group presentations and workshops with discussions and feedback would handle and address this topic to identify the depth of the problems. Flowing from this further specific interventions may follow.  The content could address the following questions:

  1. Behavioural boundaries and what they are.
  2. Are boundaries universal?
  3. Where do boundaries come from?
  4. Which boundaries are flexible and which are more rigid?
  5. What are the boundaries in our organisation?
  6. What are the consequences of crossing such boundaries?
  7. What interventions are needed to ensure compliance to the boundaries we agreed should not be breached?

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