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The purpose of hiring a conference facilitator

A facilitator needs to be acceptable to all factions in a group. They need an active open-mindedness. Simple facilitation may involve ensuring that the group keeps to agenda items and the outcome of the session is achieved. In addition facilitation requires helping a group in a conversation exchange. Organizing break away groups and electing [...]

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What is a Motivational Speaker

THE SPEAKER AS A CATALYST FOR CHANGE – DR. STEVE HARRIS Be aware that motivational speakers are cast in a variety of roles. These include: erudite sages, oracles with accurate forecasts, experts with the ability to entertain or shock, who can instil confidence or fear and galvanize a coalition. The [...]

Team building that helps the group work towards a shared vision

It is difficult, but not impossible, to provide a team building session if you have not actually built teams with diverse people. Clearly, there is a theoretical component and a systematic approach that will result in improved team work. But providing improved teamwork is a product that is better delivered by someone that has [...]

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A Mind For Wellness

A MIND FOR WELLNESS – DR. STEVE HARRIS How well are you? Are you surviving by treading wellness water or are you thriving? Are you compromising your wellbeing and success because you are not treating yourself and your mind with the same dedication as your job? A mind for wellness is not [...]

A Mind For Change

A MIND FOR CHANGE – DR. STEVE HARRIS Our plans attempt to introduce change in managed way. But we also experience unplanned change. At times people resist change. Do your people have a mind for change? Do they attitudinally manage change in ways that are beneficial to the organization and themselves? That [...]

What Makes Me a Unique Motivational Speaker

FINDING YOUR FOUNDATION FOR CONFIDENCE – DR. STEVE HARRIS A motivational speaker is usually someone who has a unique message that is seen as valuable and they use it to inspire others towards success, significance or happiness in jobs, community issues, sport or relationships. Their message is interpreted from a [...]

A Lesson on Grit – Dr Steve Harris Talks on 702

To grit is to have a firmness of character with an ability to preserve,  it means working at achieving one’s objectives by sticking to the task.  In this 702 interview Dr Steve Harris talks about how one develops grit and looks at when it’s time to grit and when to quit. [...]

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Choose a job you are passionate about…

Turn disadvantage into advantage. Always innovate and improvise as a first option before reaching for more resources. If you involved your staff in the construction of the strategy and its adaptive implementation you have taken the first steps towards getting the most out of them. When staff identify with the organization as a successful [...]

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A Mind for Strategy – Strategic Intelligence

A MIND FOR STRATEGY – DR. STEVE HARRIS Most organizations and most people plan. The outcome of a strategy is to create new value through identifying and constructing competitive differentiators that will make the organisation stand out among its competitors. Yet somehow most still sleepwalk their way into the future. When you [...]

Over confident, under confident or supremely confident?

Under confident leads to a downward spiral of fear and anxiety. Over confident leads to big disappointments. Supremely confident? https://www.amazon.com/Mental-Toughness-Mastering-Your-Mind-ebook/dp/B00IC46RNA

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