kumba iron ore logo 1Kumba Iron Ore hired me to speak as a motivational speaker at their global safety conference. My brief was to magnify their health and safety theme. I decided to focus on wellness and factors of individual well-being.

The seven steps I suggested and expanded on were::

  1. Passion: Rediscover the passion that drives your (and the environment’s) well-being
  2. Nutrition: Eat a sufficiency from healthy food choices for enjoyment and energy
  3. Exercise: Engage with life and enhance self esteem through a  balanced fitness regime
  4. Sleep: Develop good pre-sleep rituals and get sufficient, restorative rest
  5. Happiness: Clarify the meaning of happiness – dont conflate contemporary with classical
  6. Stress: Become anti fragile – dont be trapped in a zero sum game with creeping anhedonia
  7. Mind capture: Reflect on creeping dogma and substances – including medicine

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