Global Citizen Workshop

Do you want to review and consolidate your strategic plans? At the same time encourage greater teamwork and staff motivation? I received an inquiry from Global Citizen NPC. They wanted a team building session with a motivational talk using their strategic planning needs as the context. I was so impressed with the organization and [...]

Communication Soccer Team Building With Dr. Steve Harris

Let me start by saying that team building is a serious subject because good teamwork gives you synergy which results in a competitive advantage. However, learning to improve teamwork does not have to be serious, it can be fun. I believe that a team-building session needs to combine mind work i.e. [...]

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Seven steps to wellness

Kumba Iron Ore hired me to speak as a motivational speaker at their global safety conference. My brief was to magnify their health and safety theme. I decided to focus on wellness and factors of individual well-being. The seven steps I suggested and expanded on were:: Passion: Rediscover the passion that drives your (and the environment's) well-being Nutrition: Eat a sufficiency from healthy food choices for enjoyment and energy Exercise: [...]

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Seven steps to great team building and a binding culture

It was such a pleasure to be the facilitator for a team building and culture workshop with old friend and more importantly coach Chester Williams and his UWC Rugby Team We have had three successful years together as his team's motivational speaker and mental toughness consultant. We  addressed: Great teamwork - what is it? Drawing on passion, courage and grit The details behind being [...]

Is your motivational speaker a good example of teamwork and facilitating team building?

When searching for the best motivational speakers, find one who has a mind for teamwork, who can teach teamwork and facilitate team building programmes. A mind for teamwork When I present team-building programmes, I ask audience members to rank their organisation’s greatest assets. They invariably place staff and teamwork near the top of their list. [...]

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