It is difficult, but not impossible, to provide a team building session if you have not actually built teams with diverse people.

Clearly, there is a theoretical component and a systematic approach that will result in improved team work. But providing improved teamwork is a product that is better delivered by someone that has the experience to get people to deliver more collectively than they would individually through creating new value.

In teambuilding I help the group work towards a shared vison, abide by shared values and balance strengths and weaknesses. They are required to take on a positive mind-set, improve communication, and become reliable, trusting and respectful.

In the process they grow relationships, don’t harm other team members and rather help them.

Under high demand I expect them to respond with grit and volunteer “I’ll do it”.

They must do things on time within budget and innovate or improvise before considering asking for more resources.

They learn to accept that conflict is natural, therefore take a collaborative and problem solving approach.