COVID-19 feels omnipresent. It has magnified our fears and affected our present and future.

How will we survive these circumstances?Is there a chance we can adapt AND thrive, while including searching for significance?How do we create new value that prepares us for vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA)?One of my life's work is presenting conferences on how to survive AND thrive, using mental toughness as an underpinning construct in all [...]

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What do you know about the competence game?

Get in the game To start, you need to become useful in areas for which you have passion. To do this, you develop a solid platform to step onto, provided by a formal qualification embedded in conventional wisdom. Instead of a qualification, you could develop a skill or an experiential self-taught advantage. Some successful [...]

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Seven steps to providing facilitation

Johannesburg city hired me as a facilitator, who is also a motivational speaker, for their three-day mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba’s, strategic session (Lekgotla).  The group consists of 120 delegates, comprising a mix of politicians and employees. The main outcome was to ensure improved service delivery to Johannesburg residents. The secondary outcome was creating new value [...]

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