The feedback given below is based on my observations at the teamwork conference. My caveat is that in one day I gathered insufficient evidence to definitively assess individuals and base this report on the signs I picked up in this limited time.

Feedback on the overall conference

My most significant observations:

All team members displayed a good business vocabulary, they seemed intellectually sound but lacked excitement towards an outcome.

Generally, they displayed too much comfort in a corporate mindset being caught up in an efficiency and cost mode (not spending 10 to make 20) and ensuring bang for buck.

There was a lack of recognition of interdependence and consequently, some of the sessions lacked the flow expected in mature teams.

They were good at; explaining their own ideas, expressing their feelings in an open but non-threatening way, usually listened carefully to others but lacked questions to clarify others’ ideas and emotions.


My most significant recommendations:

The team and all team members will benefit from exposure to an intrapreneurial mindset where all cultivate their awareness and skills to seek new value.  This requires them to use all the skills of mental toughness.  Scaffolding their competence to a level where they question their relevance, reinvent themselves by cross-pollinating their skills and have the courage to take calculated career risks.

In addition, the team will benefit from team cohesion opportunities that can be transferred to their workplace.

Conference process:

The most important outcome was that most individuals had not come to the event with a team mindset and whilst they acknowledged the benefits of teamwork, they initially did not work towards a synergistic outcome.

My conclusion at the end of the day was that most individuals had moved closer towards a team paradigm but there was still a dissonance about what “kind” of team they were and what their team outcome is. I feel much team potential can still be harvested.

The acceptance of the analogy of an FI racing team and the session with the following questions moved the individuals towards teamwork.

  1. Do you agree that our job is to ensure that the driver can race with confidence?
  2. What does racing with confidence mean?
  3. What do you do to contribute?
  4. Who do you need in this room to help you achieve the goal?

The specific outcomes of the questions are unimportant, rather the overall outcome was to significantly change the perception of their roles in this team.

Service ball (team game):

This practical session aimed at lightening up the environment and using a game to illustrate:

P = C x A2

The exercise highlighted capacity and attitude requirements when operating in an unfamiliar team.


3.     My opening presentation:

The main goal was to encourage delegates to self-reflect on their roles. Could they “sharpen the saw” as in Stephen Covey’s seventh habit or replace the saw with a “chain saw” or for metacognition; why are they sawing? “Should they be planting?”

Feedback on sessions:

Session 1. For COO only

Session 2. For COO only

Session 3. For COO only

Session 4. For COO only

Mental Toughness presentations:

The objective was to introduce team members to appropriate elements of mental toughness that will grow their teamwork capacity. There was an emphasis on collaboration and cooperation towards a pursuit of new value rather than winning a position.

I struggled to assess how much of the content resonated with group members although several of them approached me afterward with very reflective questions about their positions.

6.     Feedback on individuals participation, engagement, strengths and weaknesses:

For COO only


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