Global Citizen Workshop

Do you want to review and consolidate your strategic plans? At the same time encourage greater teamwork and staff motivation? I received an inquiry from Global Citizen NPC. They wanted a team building session with a motivational talk using their strategic planning needs as the context. I was so impressed with the organization and [...]

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Choose from motivational presentations, workshops, facilitation or team building. Titles include: ➡️Game of Inches ➡️A mind for change ➡️A mind for strategy ➡️Business as usual ➡️A mind for teamwork ➡️A mind for sales ➡️A mind for leadership / management ➡️A mind for customer service ➡️A mind for wellness #drsteveharris #minddoctor #motivational #speaker [...]

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Feedback to COO after facilitation of one-day teambuilding conference 

The feedback given below is based on my observations at the teamwork conference. My caveat is that in one day I gathered insufficient evidence to definitively assess individuals and base this report on the signs I picked up in this limited time. 1.     Feedback on the overall conference My most significant observations: All team [...]

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