A motivational speaker is usually someone who has a unique message that is seen as valuable and they use it to inspire others towards success, significance or happiness in jobs, community issues, sport or relationships.

Their message is interpreted from a competence they have acquired or a special achievement.  Thus they use this as a foundation on which to build their talk.

The foundation competence varies from achievements in academic, sporting, physical, spiritual, endurance, political, community, business, financial and leadership.

In most instances their talk will contain their formula or the secret to their competence.

When a client contacts the speaker or vice versa, there will be a discussion about needs and a description of the desired outcome for the talk. The usual needs are around strategic planning, leadership, staff motivation, sales improvement, innovation, technology, customer service or teamwork.

At this point the speaker will apply their competence to the outcome required by the client and construct a motivational talk. If there is a match between what the speakers can present with integrity and what the client wants, the job of a motivational speakers moves on to logistics.

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