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A Mind for Stress Management

A MIND FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT AND WELLNESS – DR. STEVE HARRIS For this motivation presentation with optional additional workshopping in stress management and wellness, I use a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach with particular emphasis on mental toughness. The process involves physical and mental health. I can cover the following 12 steps: 1. Identifying and [...]

What is a Motivational Speaker

THE SPEAKER AS A CATALYST FOR CHANGE – DR. STEVE HARRIS Be aware that motivational speakers are cast in a variety of roles. These include: erudite sages, oracles with accurate forecasts, experts with the ability to entertain or shock, who can instil confidence or fear and galvanize a coalition. The [...]

A Mind For Wellness

A MIND FOR WELLNESS – DR. STEVE HARRIS How well are you? Are you surviving by treading wellness water or are you thriving? Are you compromising your wellbeing and success because you are not treating yourself and your mind with the same dedication as your job? A mind for wellness is not [...]

A Mind For Change

A MIND FOR CHANGE – DR. STEVE HARRIS Our plans attempt to introduce change in managed way. But we also experience unplanned change. At times people resist change. Do your people have a mind for change? Do they attitudinally manage change in ways that are beneficial to the organization and themselves? That [...]

What Makes Me a Unique Motivational Speaker

FINDING YOUR FOUNDATION FOR CONFIDENCE – DR. STEVE HARRIS A motivational speaker is usually someone who has a unique message that is seen as valuable and they use it to inspire others towards success, significance or happiness in jobs, community issues, sport or relationships. Their message is interpreted from a [...]

A Mind for Strategy – Strategic Intelligence

A MIND FOR STRATEGY – DR. STEVE HARRIS Most organizations and most people plan. The outcome of a strategy is to create new value through identifying and constructing competitive differentiators that will make the organisation stand out among its competitors. Yet somehow most still sleepwalk their way into the future. When you [...]

Irish eyes are smiling because they created synergy

When I present team building programmes I ask audience members to rank their organization’s greatest assets. They invariably place their staff and teamwork near the top of their list. Consider the All Blacks’ rugby team over the period of their consecutive Rugby World Cup wins and the contribution teamwork made to their success. Teamwork may [...]

Mental Toughness – Mastering Your Mind For Work, Sport and Relationships (Second Edition)

Foreword by Chester Williams I met Steve Harris more than 20 years ago when I was playing for the Springboks: he had been hired to give motivational sessions for the Springbok rugby team and he subsequently became part of the Springbok management team on several of our tours. Since our first meeting, we have developed [...]

Why we get disappointed

All of us have a lengthy list of expectations around relationships, career plans, finances, family members, sport and health. Inevitably, gaps between what we would like to happen in our lives and what actually happens appear and widen. These gaps result in feelings of disappointment. In this instance the feelings of disappointment are a result [...]

If you can’t stay composed in a pressured situation, you’ll never perform at your maximum potential

Michael Jordan, former basketball star said, “No matter how good you are and how much you’ve practiced, or what you have been taught, if you can’t stay composed in a pressured situation, you’ll never perform at your maximum potential. Your stress comes from how you choose to respond to pressure. You need to understand that [...]