Be aware that motivational speakers are cast in a variety of roles. These include: erudite sages, oracles with accurate forecasts, experts with the ability to entertain or shock, who can instil confidence or fear and galvanize a coalition.

The speaker acts as a catalyst for change. They are like the yeast in bread. A client can expect the speaker to make, the emotional bread of their audience, rise.

A client can expect a motivational speaker to deliver a talk with content that has integrity. In other words the speaker is an example of what they claim. They should not dispense opinion free from accountability.

The audience can expect infotainment. This means the content balances a strong message with entertaining content and often light heartedness. The talk cannot be boring! The speaker takes the audience on an enjoyable experience from opening to closing punctuated by a few laughs and surprises. It’s very seldom that the speaker will try to do the job of a comedian. This will diminish the integrity of the content.

The nett result of the talk has to shift the fulcrum of the majority of the listeners towards the context and outcome as agreed with the client.

Of course there may be detractors in the audience and whilst the speaker will guard against creating rogues it may be an unintended consequence of the event. If the speaker has strong feelings or views about a subject or uses illustrations to magnify a point, there is a chance that people from the liberal left or righteous right will be offended.

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