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A Mind for Technology – Motivational speakers

Developing a mind for technology does not imply you become a techno geek or techno slave. Consider the groupies who follow Apple products. They provide a vivid illustration of the significant numbers of techno-junkies who blindly follow a product because its techno cool. A mind for technology, on the other hand, is about recognising and exploiting [...]

A Mind for Teamwork – Teamwork Intelligence

A MIND FOR TEAMWORK – DR. STEVE HARRIS People invariably place staff and teamwork near the top of their list of the organization’s greatest assets. But do staff members have a mind for teamwork? Teamwork is one of the essential elements that accelerate a change from surviving to thriving. The outcome of [...]

A Definition of Mental Toughness – Motivational Speakers

It’s widely believed that the mind is where your greatest potential lies. It’s your most significant asset. Your other resources are the means the mind uses to achieve results. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make your mind stronger by improving your mental toughness? A good start to doing this is to have a handy [...]

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Develop a Healthy BS detector – Motivation Speakers

Develop a healthy BS detector Several years ago, I allocated a significant amount of time networking with the sport and fitness faculty heads of universities and colleges. I felt it was my responsibility as CEO of eta College to build relationships with them, one of which was with (the now late) Professor Paul Avis, of the University of [...]

Your Mental Toughness Story – Motivational speakers

Mental toughness is a success factor Do you know what makes Tom Brady stand out? Is it his wife Gisele Bündchen? Or is it his performance in NFL? Tom Brady was the quarterback for the New England Patriots in four super bowl final victories. In each instance they won in the dying minutes. When asked [...]

How important is relevant research?

To take a deep approach to learning you need intellectual curiosity. This implies asking questions, conducting relevant research and not being trapped in a world of hearsay and storytelling. Questions like how, why and why-not must be in the forefront of your mind. In addition, you must be mindful not to suffer from premature curiosity [...]

Can you become effective and efficient?

Once we have embraced lifelong learning by ridding ourselves of competence delusion and we become aware of the problems that affect our competence, we are faced with deciding what to learn. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and immobilised by the endless data on the World Wide Web and the variety of courses open to us. [...]

How many sport coaches suffer from competence delusion?

Many people are occupying jobs and it seems, because they have a job title, they make the assumption that they are competent when they often are not. Is this competence delusion?  I have come across several sports coaches that have the job of a coach but their formal training to be a coach took about [...]

Do you consistently operate at your personal best?

A part of the definition of Mental Toughness is to consistently operate at your highest potential or, as some call it, your personal best.  This requires an existing capacity and the on-going creation of new capacity. The most common way to acquire new capacity is through learning new knowledge and skills. But, not just any [...]

Grab opportunities, don‘t wait for the storm to pass – ski in the rain

It often takes calculated risks to grab opportunities when they arise even when they are not obvious opportunities. I recall a seven day ski holiday package in the French Alps. The first three days produced glorious weather and the fourth day stormy weather came with rain pelting down. My instinctive response was to stay indoors [...]