Turn disadvantage into advantage. Always innovate and improvise as a first option before reaching for more resources.

If you involved your staff in the construction of the strategy and its adaptive implementation you have taken the first steps towards getting the most out of them. When staff identify with the organization as a successful and significant entity with a culture that is admired they also start to see themselves as successful and significant because they buy into the strategy. They feel like an essential part of the organization. Read my post about Motivating Staff

Now they are able to work because they want to, not simply because they have to. Work then becomes an expression of their passion and not a simple exchange process with the organization.

To get the most from staff the next step is to ensure they are fit for purpose. Have they been recruited for the job? Do they have the organizational culture in their DNA? Whether its yes or no the way to improve contribution is through regular, compassionate performance management i.e. planned and ad hoc sessions where you review staff progress based on your views and their self-appraisal. Find out more about staff appraisal methods here

This has to lead to consequences that include remediation and excellent training follow up for growth and development. These sessions provide additional opportunities to correct slipping performance and fill capability gaps.