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Turn disadvantage into advantage. Always innovate and improvise as a first option before reaching for more resources. If you involved your staff in the construction of the strategy and its adaptive implementation you have taken the first steps towards getting the most out of them. When staff identify with the organization as a successful [...]

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Have you experienced a serious loss in confidence?

A loss of confidence can occur to any person, in any pursuit, at any moment. Sometimes a loss in confidence is a momentary lapse and you bounce back or tragically it has a longer term sustained effect and morphs into a lack of confidence.  I recall experiencing a significant loss of confidence in the early part of [...]

Use confidence to help manage conflict

All people hold strongly held beliefs and opinions that they feel are valid. If this claim is accurate then conflict is inevitable because you will have at least some differing beliefs and opinions with people you interact with. In addition conflict often escalates when we try to substantiate our position using any justification; albeit faith, [...]

Confidence improves decision making

Confident people have the ability to make fast and frugal decisions under pressure conditions.  People who lack confidence either make slow and ponderous decisions or they are indecisive and therefore often miss out on opportunities.                        Confidence is a feature of mentally tough people. Through their confidence they develop the ability to prioritise what to do [...]

Develop motivation through short wins

The development of motivation can be assisted by setting and achieving short wins. Essentially short wins are mini goals that are in line with your personal strategy. These mini goals are usually progressively more demanding because as you progress you are confronted with situations as yet beyond your experience. In these cases your ability to [...]

Use motivation to drive confidence

Motivation drives confidence. Confidence, in turn, creates opportunities.   If you are seeking confidence you can develop it through developing incremental motivation. This can be done through; understanding and applying some of the motivational theories, tapping into self-determination and gaining short wins towards your intent. Many also use associations like music to drive their motivation.  I [...]

Over confidence can be dangerous

If you use a bit of reasoning it is relatively easy to distinguish Mohammed Ali’s supreme confidence from arrogance. However, there is an extremely hazardous condition called over confidence. It has to do with the over estimation of one’s own ability and hence the accuracy of one’s predictions. This manifests in poor planning estimates and [...]

Opportunities increase or decrease depending on confidence

When you are confident you trust that your chosen course of action is the best one for you. You trust yourself, your abilities and your team. Confidence is not expressed through blind faith but rather through informed self-belief and determination. With confidence you are able to reflect critically yet positively on yourself, express your talent [...]